The Afrobiotics play Afrobeat but not like you’ve heard before. Listeners will recognise the familiar undulating interwoven rhythms and fiery energy, but also discover a more intimate and collaborative sound incorporating Sabar rhythms from Senegal. 

Founded as a side-project from the much-larger Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, The Afrobiotics (fka The Public Opinion Six) began as a way of writing new material and getting inside the sounds of Afrobeat, but it didn’t take long for the six musicians to discover they had found something unique and special - a sheer love of playing together in a much more intimate setting, creating a more well-rounded dialog and interplay between each other. Where The Public Opinion delivers a dynamic and captivating show, The Afrobiotics is less sensory and more spiritual. 

Out of this fertile foundation, Senegalese multi-instrumentalist Lamine Sonko began introducing the Sabar to the group, resulting in a music reminiscent of Afrobeat but with more melodic twist and turns. 

The sound of The Afrobiotics has grown organically from the roots of Afrobeat and Sabar, and been nurtured with intuitive understanding between a band of like minds. There’s an effortless proficiency apparent in the playing but also a camaraderie and infectious joy that is impossible to ignore.